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Ground Marshals

Football West rules are clear, and involve each game, over a certain age, staged at any ground having at least one ground marshal. The role of the ground marshal is basically to observe, and be a point of contact should anyone have any queries. There are other things involved too, as below.

Ground Marshal duties

Thank you for being our Ground Marshal today, your assistance and involvement is greatly appreciated. Below is an overview of what it entails to be a Ground Marshal. 99% of the things below will never happen, but the information is there, should it be required.

What does a ground marshal do?

• You wear a Fluro vest and represent JCFC as an official of the club

• You are responsible for managing (off field) behaviour of players/coaches/managers/spectators

• You support and uphold the principles of fair play

• You are a complaints receiver, a listener & look to bring situations under control where they require a level of calmness remaining level headed, but able to take control of a situation without force, when needed

• You are confident to issue warnings if a person breaches a code of conduct on the side-line.

• You report off-field inappropriate behaviour that contravenes the codes of conduct (email to the with a report of what happened – when incidents take place)

• Facilitate the removal of people where appropriate – without physical force but preventing a game from continuation until the removal has taken place - if needed.

• With the assistance of committee members/referees you will involve the Police if the situation escalates beyond your control Tips for conflict resolution

• Don't become emotionally involved

• Acknowledge the person's anger up front

• Listen to what the person has to say and ask questions

• Give the person space

• Remain calm and confident (don't yell or interrupt)

• Be aware of the tone of your voice and the type of language you use

• Use non-aggressive body language and facial expressions (e.g. don't point your finger, don't stand with your hands on your hips)

• Be patient

• Summarise the situation as you see it

• Give realistic choices/work towards a solution

• If the conflict turns physical, don't get involved – call the Police immediately.

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